Founded in 2014, HackZurich has grown to one of the largest and most renowned hackathons in Europe within a short period of time. Being in the middle of Europe, close to world leading universities such as ETH Zurich or EPFL and close to headquartes of large international tech-companies, HackZurich is characterised by an extraordinary high quality of participants and a variety of national and international partners. 

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If you applied to HackZurich 2017, received an offer to attend and went on to confirm that you will do so, you are eligible to attend HackZurich. If you attended and hacked at HackZurich, then you are eligible to make a submission. Please register within the corresponding period on

Participants must be 18 years or older. All nationalities, ethnicities and gender are welcome to participate.


  • Please fill out this form: Your project won't be evaluated without filling this form!
  • Please do upload all of your information and material to devpost. 
  • Please make sure to tag the corresponding workshop you worked with in order to be eligible for the sponsor prizes / awards. 
  • Please make sure to not miss the interview slot you have been assigned to (see

Hackathon Sponsors


$10,500 in prizes

1st Overall Prize, HackZurich

2nd Overall Prize, HackZurich

3rd Overall Prize, HackZurich

Audience Award, HackZurich

Prize Workshop 1 (Randstad)

Prize Workshop 2 (KPMG)

Prize Workshop 3 (Credit Suisse)

Prize Workshop 4 (amag)

Prize Workshop 5 (Swisscom)

Prize Workshop 6 (Eurapco, IBM, SwissRe)

Prize Workshop 7 (CSS)

Prize Workshop 8 (SRF & Thomson Reuters)

Prize Workshop 9 (SBB, VBZ, PostAuto)

Prize Workshop 10 (T-Systems & Zurich Insurance)

Prize Workshop 11 (SwissLife, Zühlke, Viessmann)

Prize Workshop 12 (Raiffeisen)

Prize Workshop 13 (Buhler Group)

Prize Workshop 14 (ti&m)

Prize Workshop 15 (Microsoft & ABB)

Prize Workshop 16 (Siroop & Fashwell)

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:

How to enter

  • Please do assign every team member to the corresponding team. 
  • Please select for which sponsor prize you are going in order to get considered for the evaluation. 
  • Submit all the information and material of your prototype to Devpost.
  • Please fill out this form:
  • Attend the jury interviews. 
  • Wait for judging and results. 


Adrian Hilti

Adrian Hilti
Co-Founder Red or Blue Labs and

Cédric Waldburger

Cédric Waldburger
CEO and Founder of Tenderloin Ventures

Flavio Pfaffhauser

Flavio Pfaffhauser
CTO & Co-Founder Beekeeper

Georg Polzer

Georg Polzer
Founder and CEO Teralytics AG

Rene Brandel

Rene Brandel
Winner HackZurich 2016, Program Manager at Microsoft

Robin Guldener

Robin Guldener
Co-Founder Avrios

Christian Reiter

Christian Reiter
CEO/CTO Kingfluencers, Ex Bitspin (exit to Google)

Marc Nager

Marc Nager
Managing Director, Telluride Venture Accelerator

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity
    How creative or innovative is the idea behind the prototype?
  • Viability
    How relevant is the prototype's use case to a real market or business problem? Can it be sold effectively?
  • User Interface & User Experience
    Is the overall user experience intuitive? Does the flow make sense?
  • Technical Strength & Sophistication
    How sophisticated is the application? Is a source code repository being used? Is there documentation? Are appropriate services and infrastructure being used (e.g. cloud computing, databases)?
  • Feasability
    Does it actually work? How complete is the product? Could the prototype scale as a real solution with multiple users?
  • Pitch
    Was the team able to explain their idea and what the prototype actually did? Did the presentation and demo show how their hack has fulfilled the judging criteria? Did the team communicate the essence of why they did what they did and why it was important?

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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